Services We Offer


We provide service and support for the software we sell. This includes the original installation, configuration, setup and training for the computer system itself. It also includes installation and configuration of the software applications.

In most cases the software we sell has a large number of configuration options, and, depending on the software modules you need for your business, the selection and correct setting of the options can have a dramatic effect on the way the software works for you. A great deal of attention and care is given to getting everything right, since starting out on the right foot will eliminate problems down the line

Having this flexibility can also make your software experience very enjoyable. Frequently, the complaint that "This software won't do this one thing!" can be solved almost immediately by a simple configuration change. Good quality software enhances your experience and makes better business possible, it doesn't box you in.

If changes are necessary when business procedures change, or if your business increases or decreases in size or complexity, these situations can usually be accommodated by simply changing software settings.

We also provide the following services:

  • Virus detection and removal
  • Consultation on software selection and evaluation for vertical markets
  • Most of our support is provided via an internet connection.

We bill by the on-site hour, and have a trip charge for each on-site visit. Our internet support is billed in half-hour increments.